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International Preschool do-re-mi Musical Exchange

DATE:2018.02.16 Friday  Category:Special Events

It's not often that our Grade 1 students

get to be the big kids.

However, yesterday that's

exactly the role they played.


Knowing that there was an audience 

waiting, the students were eager to 

get to the auditorium.


The students from International Preschool

do-re-mi had come for a musical 

exchange with our Grade 1 students!


The Grade 1 students quickly lined up 

on the stage facing our costumed 



It looks like the kindergarten

students were excited too!


Nagisa started by singing to our 



Then, we sang some songs that

everyone knew!


do-re-mi then sang some 

songs for us!


Besides being super-cute, our

guests were great at singing 

and dancing too!


We then broke into smaller groups, 

and the preschoolers taught us 

one of their favorite songs.


Thank you for teaching us!


Finally, the do-re-mi students gave us 

some special good-bye presents.


The teachers got some too!


I'd like to say thank you 

to the staff of International 

Preschool do-re-mi for coming 

yesterday. It was so much fun 

singing, dancing and talking 

with you and all the children!



Story Time!

DATE:2018.01.24 Wednesday  Category:Special Events

We tried a new reading program for

the first time this week. Since Nagisa 

encourages students helping each

other and interaction between

grades, it seemed like the perfect idea.


First, the Grade 6 students broke into

groups and chose the books that 

they wanted to read.


Then they practiced reading to each other.


Once the Grade 6 students had enough 

practice time, the Grade 1 students came 

for story time.


Each group of Grade 1 students visited 

four different classrooms to hear the 

Grade 6 students read.


Once the Grade 6 students finished reading

their stories, the Grade 1 students got a 

sticker for their reading passports.


The Grade 1 group leaders made sure 

that their groups said, "Thank You."


The younger students loved the stories

and I loved how much reading practice

the Grade 6 students had!


The Grade 6 students did a fantastic job of

reading and looking after the younger students.

They even organized an impromptu game

to entertain the Grade 1 students while last

groups finished their books.

Tomato Party!

DATE:2017.12.26 Tuesday  Category:Special Events

The school is quiet this week, the students

are all at home enjoying their winter


The teachers are wrapping up their

work for the year, and will soon

be away for their own winter breaks.


Last week finished off with a closing 

ceremony, several Christmas and 

class parties.


My favorite parties were the tomato

parties. These parties originated

in the summer as the students grew 

the tomatoes.


Last week, the tomatoes were taken

out of the freezer, and the tomato party

preparations started.


Once the tomatoes were peeled,

the cooking started!


The classrooms were decorated in preparation

for the parties.


Invitations and tickets were given

to all the teachers to come and attend.


When everyone was ready, the students

lined up for their pasta.


I love pasta! It looks like everyone else does too!


Some of the teachers stood to 

thank the students for their

preparation and hard work.

It was excellent!


To the Grade 2 students, thank you

for growing the wonderful tomatoes,

cooking them and preparing the 


It was a lot of fun.



Miso Soup

DATE:2017.12.12 Tuesday  Category:Grade 5

I believe that if something is

meaningful to a student, he is much

more likely to learn it and remember it.


One thing that is meaningful to everyone

is food! In this case, the food in question

is miso soup!


Depending on the region of Japan you

are in, the flavors of miso will change.


Even within the different regions, 

people will always use their own 

favorite ingredients and recipes!


Usually, miso soup has a fish-based broth. 

The other ingredients are added to the broth.


Here the students are trying different 

how the dried fish changes the broth flavor.


After getting instructions, these students

prepare the other ingredients for their soup!


Then, it was time to add the miso!


These guys look happy with the results!


And the results are in...


Looks great guys!


Of course, the final product wasn't just the food! 

The students also learned how to talk about 

foods and food preparation in English.

They wrote up their recipes to share.


Try these recipes at home and see which 

flavor you like best!


The final two images are large so that

you can read the recipe details. However,

I apologize if they are difficult to

see on your smartphones.

Just enough snow...

DATE:2017.12.12 Tuesday  Category:Around the School

There was a little snowfall last night. 

Not enough to stick, the roads and

sidewalks were clear on the way to school.


That didn't stop the someone from

discovering enough snow it the courtyard

to make this little guy.


I think everyone is waiting 

for a heavier snowfall so that

they can play even more!

Adventure Play!

DATE:2017.11.30 Thursday  Category:Special Events

The Grade 4 students went out

to the Numata Campus on Tuesday

for their adventure play!


Here, we can see the students

lined up on a log...

What are they doing?


They aren't just hanging

around! They have to change

the order that they are lined

up in!


But it's not that easy!

Take another look. One of the

students has a blindfold.


Also, the two students with

the red and white ribbons are

not allowed to speak!


Can you see how they are

moving past each other?


Last year, the students planted

an oak tree at the elementary


They took that tree to Numata

to replant it.

(No Pictures)


Here the students are taking out an

old tree's roots to clear the ground

and make it better for future adventures.


Practicing teamwork, communication

and collaboration came next!

These 21st Century skills will definitly

help our students in the future!


As the day came to a close,

the students expressed their

thanks to the Numata staff

and for nature.


They sang a song to express

their gratitude.


The final fairwell was a joyful leap!

Rainy Day Activites

DATE:2017.11.14 Tuesday  Category:Around the School


As I was walking down the hallway

today, I noticed a class outside.

Everyone was in their gym strip

but they weren't having a PE class.


Because of the rain, it was

the perfect time for a  michi kusa

lesson. In these lessons, the students

learn a variety of traditional games

and ways of playing.

So what are the students working on?


Here's a bucket of acorns...


The students are hollowing out

their acorns, but why?


This one has just been started.


They are making  donguri bue .

Acorn whistles!


The acorns shown here still have some

left to be done on them. They'll be good

whistles soon! 


What a great way to use

natural materials and enjoy a

rainy day!



Hiroshima City Harmony Orchestra

DATE:2017.11.07 Tuesday  Category:Special Events

On Saturday, November 4th, the

Hiroshima City Harmony Orchestra

came to Nagsia.

They not only played fantastic music,

but also introduced many of the 


In between songs, the students were

quizzed on some of the instruments.


Special guests played with the 

orchestra as well.

Here's Ms. Nakatani playing the

bassoon. It was a surprise to

many people that she is a musician!


Ms. Oshimo accompanied the

orchestra with her amazing

piano skills.


Near the end of the performance,

some of the students lead the 

student body in clapping, stomping

and slapping out rhythms.


The rhythms were then played

to accompany the orchestra.


Finally, it was time for the encore.

A guest conductor helped lead

the Carp theme song.

However, the guest conductor

needed a little help from

the professional...


With experts on the drums,

the performance was perfect!


It was a wonderful experience

to hear the professional

musicians play.

I also appreciated learning 

about the instruments and 

how music is put together!


Thank you, Hiroshima City

Harmony Orchestra!

Sports Day - continued

DATE:2017.11.01 Wednesday  Category:Special Events

The last time I wrote on this blog, it

was about the first events in the 

sports day. Even though the sports

day itself was postponed until October 25,

many guardians and family members

came to support the students.


Continuing on from where I left off

last week, the next event was the 

big ball race. The Grade 1 students

rolled, pushed and lifted giant balls

around teachers and over hoops 

to compete in this event.


In the next event, the Grade 2 students

chased their tales. The two sides split

into three student dragons and took

the tails from the other dragons.


Following the Dragon's Tail, the

Grade 4 students had a tug-o-war.

However, there were many ropes to pull.

The students needed speed to get to 

ropes first, and the strength to pull 

the ropes to their team's side!


Then the field broke into smaller

competitions as each group pulled

their hardest.


After the tug-o-war, all of the Grade 5

students participated in a relay race. Practice

and teamwork made this race fast and smooth.


Next came individual dashes by the

Grade 6 students. Without teammates

to rely on, every runner was on their own!


Nagisa Flag is a dance presented by 

Grades 1, 2 and 3. The students 

put on a great show, with exact timing

and graceful moves showing off their

colorful flags.


The students then went back to their

classrooms to have lunch with 

their friends.


After the lunch break, the cheer

squad lead the school in a cheer

battle between the red and white



The Eye of the Typhoon was next, 

with the Grade 3 students running in 

circles around the field.

It was dizzying just to watch!


The next event was kibasen.

Three students make a "horse"

and the rider on top is a "knight".

When the knights face each other,

they try to steal each other's hats.



The Grade 4 students followed up

with individual dashes. 


The Grade 2 students then competed

in the event called "Over the 

Mountain and Through the Valley".


The students started this obstacle 

course by crawling under a net and

grabbing a tire.


They then took that tire up over the mountain.


Then their balance was put to

the test as they crossed the balance



More obstacles awaited. The students

jumped over the vaulting horses.


The final challenge was to walk

on stilts to the finish line!


The Grade 1 students were up again. They ran

individual dashes. Fast and cute, they were all



The Grade 3 and 4 students showed

perseverance and teamwork in the 

"One Heart" event. Here the students

huddle and prepare.


The race was like a three-legged

race, except that there was

half a class on each team.


The students charged forward in unison, 

being careful to stay in step. Then they

crashed into the goal at top speed.


Kumi Taiso was the next event. This

translates as Group Gymnastics.

The students moved in unison to the

beat of the drum.


First, they danced and posed

as individuals.


They made groups as the presentation



The groups and the complexity of 

the poses grew.


The final athletic event was

relay made up of selected members.

The race started with the Grade 1 students

and the baton was passed up through 

the grades.




The closing ceremony ended the day.

The students first cooled down.


In the closing ceremony, one of the

Grade 2 classes was awarded for

energetic marching, while a Grade 6

class was awarded for marching in



Then as the results were announced,

the red team cheered and the white

team applauded them.


The team leaders came to the front. Red

accepted the winner's flag and white

accepted the second place trophy.


Representatives from both teams 

gave a speech expressing their

for the great day.


The teams thanked each other for

being good sports and spending the

day in competition.


Finally, the flag came down to mark the

end of the day.









Sports Day

DATE:2017.10.27 Friday  Category:Special Events

After the rain postponed our sports day

until Wednesday, the students were 

ready to give it their best!


In Japan, sports days take a lot of

preparation. They are very big



In the opening ceremony, student

representatives carried the flag onto the



Then, the rest of the school marched on 

in their classes. They split into red and

white teams for the day.


Here, the students are split into their teams.

They encourage each other to do their best 

as sing their own team's cheer.


The first event was the tama-ire where the

Grade 1 and 2 students throw bean bags

into baskets.


The next event was an exciting one. 

One team holds a pole up, while

the other team tries to take the flag from

the top. They can either pull the pole down 

or climb up over the other team.


The Grade 3 students then had 

running races.


The next event was called "Wanted". 

The Grade 5 students picked random cards

which told them who to look for.

It could have been "Find someone

who was born in the year of the tiger"

or "Find the character called "Hunter".


They also looked for Kumamon and Kiki

from Kiki's Delivery Service.


The Grade 4 students did a dance 

from Hokkaido called Soran .


There are still a lot of events to

write about!

I'll continue blogging when we are back

after the weekend.


I hope all of the students get a good

rest this weekend, they deserve it after 

all of their hard work on Wednesday!






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